La Aventura Española(LAE  Madrid)是一家位于马德里市中心的知名西班牙语学院。 我们创造了一个独特的学习体验,帮助成千上万的学生卓有成效地提高他们学习信心和西班牙语能力,同时学生可以一边探索马德里并更好地了解西班牙的文化。 为什么选择LAE Madrid语言学校?

LAE Madrid 获得最权威的塞万提斯官方认证:

  • 课程种类丰富,从A1到C2各级别都有不同班级
  • 精品小班授课
  • 西班牙母语高资质教师团队
  • 每周一开课入学
  • 塞万提斯认证的结课证明
  • 地理位置市中心
  • 多元化并富有创意的课程安排
  • 充满乐趣而多样的课外文化活动
  • 多语言咨询和课程服务 (全中文课程咨询和服务)
  • 图书馆租赁学习用书和视频资料
  • 公共厨房和休息室,常年提供免费咖啡和茶包以及课间水果

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Justyne Smagacz
Justyne Smagacz

5 out of 5 stars

posted 7 months ago

Thoroughly enjoyed my 7 week intensive course with LAE Madrid! The environment is super friendly and professional and they are truly passionate about improving your Spanish to the next level.

The classes are small so you get plenty of talk time and it's easy to make new friends who are in the same boat as you. The area it self is easy to reach with heaps of great coffee cafes near by.

A particular favourite of mine were the Wednesday after school activities from 1:30 - 3pm. There's a new activity each week exploring a museum, a new part of the city or 'top up class' where you can meet more students from other classes and get more familiar with this amazing city.

Thanks guys!