How to find a language exchange meetup in Madrid

How to find a language exchange meetup in Madrid

If you are planning to learn Spanish in Madrid, you need to know a few ways of finding a place to practice in language exchange in Madrid.

When arriving to Madrid it common to hear the term “intercambio” and like many you ask “What’s that?” La Aventura Española is here to give you the break down!  Intercambios are language exchange meet ups. They often take place in centrally located bars or restaurants and provided drink and food specials.

It’s a great way to practice Spanish in a casual setting outside of a classroom or office.

Madrid offers many different types of intercambio atmospheres and it’s a perfect activity to practice Spanish after your LAE Madrid class. You will be able to casually chat with natives, while building your the confidence to communicate!

Here is LAE Madrid’s quick cheat sheet to your Madrid Intercambio meet ups:

Language exchange in a bar

J&J Books & Coffee

Wednesday, Thursday & Saturday 8pm to close

c/ Espiritu Santo, 47

Metro: Noviciado (line 2)

Carmencita Bar

Tuesday at 9pm

C/ San Vincente Ferrer 51

Metro: Noviciado (lines 2, 10)

Olé Lola

Tuesday 8pm-11pm

c/ San Mateo, 28

Metro:  Tribunal, Chueca  (lines 2,10,5)

Beer Station

Thursday 10pm

c/ Cuesta de Santo Domingo, 22

Metro:  Santo Domingo (line 2)

Café Galdós

Wednesday 8:90pm & Sunday 7pm

c/ Los Madrazo, 10

Metro: Sevilla (line 2)

Please feel free to contact to add more intercambio opportunities!

If you are planning on coming to Madrid, why not take full advantage of the experience and sign up for Spanish classes? You can find detailed descriptions on all of LAE Madrid’s courses here.