Registration & Requirements

To register for the DELE Exam, you need*:

  • Completed registration form, which can be obtained at exam centers or online.
  • Original and photocopy of a photo ID which includes the following information: identity, nationality, place and date of birth. The information provided on the registration form should match that on the identification document.
  • Document confirming payment of registration fee.

*Consult with the Instituto Cervantes to confirm current registration conditions.

Once registered, each candidate will receive a sealed copy of the registration form with their assigned code.

For full information about how to register for the DELE, visit the official DELE website.

DELE Prices

DELE Exam Prices are…

DELE Examen2018
DELE Exam Level A1108€
DELE Exam Level A2124€
DELE Exam Level B1160€
DELE Exam Level B2188€
DELE Exam Level C1197€
DELE Exam Level C2207€

LAE Madrid has a DELE Preparation Course to prepare you to pass the DELE Exam.