LAE Madrid is a Spanish Language School in the heart of Madrid, accredited by the Instituto Cervantes.

Located in the beautiful and exclusive neighborhood of Barrio Salamanca, we have welcomed thousands of students from all over the world and pride ourselves on helping them to get to know Madrid and fall in love with the Spanish language.

The ‘About Us’ section should really be an ‘About You’ section. Every Spanish school in Madrid has a different feel and you need to choose one that reflects your learning style, goals and reasons for learning Spanish.

For the past five years, we have been offering something unique in the Spanish learning market in Madrid. Our Spanish classes are fun and interactive because our teachers are wonderfully creative at making the most boring grammar points interesting.  They are highly qualified and each one goes through an exhaustive interview process to make sure they are a fit for us and our students.  We continue to provide training for our teachers throughout the year to ensure they are updated with the latest methods, skills, technology and neuro-language innovations.  They really are the foundation of what makes our school so amazing and ensures that our students become confident Spanish speakers, regardless of what level they start with us.

Our Spanish language school is light, bright and modern, which ensures you are comfortable in your classroom environment – nothing will remind you of school we can assure you!  We have fruit available around the school throughout the day and free coffee and a range of teas, which can be enjoyed in our chill out areas.  Why are these points important?  Many things affect your learning abilities such as motivation, hunger, thirst, tiredness, confidence etc and we try to eliminate the barriers and creative a truly effective learning environment.

Our community of Spanish speakers is ideal to help push you to reach your goals and to help you feel at home in Madrid. Read more about our Student Support services. Our students come back time and time again, and sometimes just pop in to say hello! Whether they have studied at LAE Madrid for just a week while in Madrid, or for a couple of years while living here, everyone forms part of the special family that has been created by our school.

So back to the point of this – ‘About You’. What are you looking for?  We provide a beautifully crafted learning experience in an academically challenging environment.  If you really want to get stuck in, learn Spanish quickly and proficiently AND have some fun whilst doing it – this is definitely the right school for you! We can’t wait to meet you!

Natasha Mason, Founder and Director of LAE Madrid