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With 427 million Spanish speakers around the world, it’s never been so important to ensure your staff are proficient Spanish communicators and are culturally competent. LAE Madrid’s course of Spanish for businesses provides non-natives with the language and cultural skills that are necessary to deal day-to-day with colleagues, clients and providers in the Spanish-speaking world.

Whether your staff have an A1 (beginner) level, or a C1 (advanced) level, we have the perfect solution to ensure they make progress.

  • One-2-One or Group Classes in-company
  • One-2-One or Group Classes at our Spanish Academy in the heart of Madrid

The following academic schedule is used for our individual classes:

  • One-2-One of 1h = 50min class session

Our Spanish for businesses classes work to fixed objectives

What does ‘objectives and results’ based teaching mean? Our Business liaison team carries out a thorough needs analysis of your staff, including their level and what they and your company wish to achieve. Once we have done this, we set fixed objectives and track the student’s progress.

All business clients receive a comprehensive level test, concrete objectives and a schedule that fits around their working life.  The HR department or company will receive regular reports of attendance and progress, as well as certification of level (as per the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages).

For more information email to organize a chat with our Business liaison team.

Structure Price
In-Company or on-site individual classes and group business classes from 38€/h



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