This Week’s Cultural Activities

Cultural Activities with LAE Madrid

Make the most of your time in Madrid and Spain by participating in LAE Madrid’s program of Cultural Activities. Our Cultural Activities are informative, interesting and most of all… fun!  Three or four times per week we organize extra activities that complement your classroom learning where you can put your Spanish to the test and learn more about the city of Madrid. No matter what level of Spanish you have, we adapt the activity for all levels!

All of our Cultural Activities are led by one of our Spanish teachers, who prepares exercises and challenges to make each activity educational as well as lots of fun. You can learn all about the local culture and customs, as well as vocabulary and phrases for your to use while you’re in Madrid.


We love to take advantage of the beautiful weather here in Madrid, so we have lots of outdoor activities, such as a picnic in Retiro Park, where you can enjoy an afternoon in the grass, play a game of frisbee, and eat some sandwiches and snacks. Indoor activities include preparing and tasting a traditional Tortilla de Patatas, Flamenco dancing and visits to some of the best museums Madrid has to offer.

Are you a football fan? LAE Madrid’s cultural activities often include a visit to Real Madrid’s stadium, where you can visit the VIP areas, the field, and even the locker rooms!

* Some additional costs may be applicable for entrance price.

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