Teaching Methodology

At LAE Madrid Spanish Language School, our students really make progress through our classes, and we’ve spent many years creating a team of teachers that are engaging, patient and the best at what they do.

Here’s a brief explanation of the teaching methodology we use:

1. Presentation

We start by explaining exactly what the objective of the class is and what we’ll be covering. This means that everything is crystal clear.

We give you all the tools you’ll need to master the content and fully understand what you need to do and how to achieve it.

2. Practice

We believe that practice makes perfect

Once you know how to use the grammar or vocabulary, we put it in a wide range of contexts so every student internalizes the content and is able to use it in a variety of different ways. 

3. Production

We challenge our students to communicate and use what they’ve learnt through projects and interactive activities. You might have to solve a murder mystery, or practice phoning a Spanish restaurant to make a reservation.

You’ll be speaking Spanish and gaining confidence from day one! 

LAE Madrid – Spanish Language School - Small Classes

Why is our Methodology so successful?

We make sure that our students aren’t lifelong Spanish learners – we are passionate about them becoming fluid Spanish speakers!

At LAE Madrid, we encourage more student talk time than other Spanish schools, and it’s something that makes a world of difference to how effective our full immersion methodology is.

Our methodology prioritizes real-life communication skills, enabling students to express themselves confidently and fluently. Our interactive classes, group discussions, and small group numbers are designed for exactly that.

We integrate the latest technology into the classroom

In addition to our proven teaching methodology, we also offer an interactive and innovative experience thanks to our interactive digital whiteboards.

They’re not like the old digital whiteboards from 10-20 years ago. Teaching with the new generation of whiteboards is like having a wall-mounted iPad and the possibilities for our Spanish classes are endless!  

Watch the full video on our YouTube channel and visit our website for more information about about our coursesprices, and how to enroll. It’s time to make Spanish a part of your life!

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Power Intensive Spanish Course

Highly Qualified Teachers

Our team of experienced and passionate instructors are native Spanish speakers who are dedicated to helping you succeed!

Our teachers understand the challenges of language learning and tailor their teaching methods to meet the individual needs of each student. Their expertise and guidance are key to making our school the best place to learn Spanish!

Spanish Immersion Programs

We provide an all-encompassing Spanish learning experience in Spain, catering to all levels and enriched by native Spanish teachers.

Immersion in the language not only accelerates proficiency but also deepens cultural understanding, with progression varying from 4 to 12 weeks between levels.

We offer a blend of academic excellence and cultural exposure, with a streamlined enrollment process including an online test and a variety of  courses with flexible schedules.

LAE Madrid Spanish Courses happy student learning online


Our extensive library is filled with Spanish literature, resources, and learning materials. It’s the perfect place to expand your knowledge and immerse yourself in the Spanish culture.

Study Spaces

We provide comfortable and well-equipped study spaces to help you focus and feel comfortable while you’re studying or just chatting with your new classmates!

Kitchen with Fruits, Coffee and Tea

Enjoy the convenience of our fully-equipped kitchen, stocked with coffee and tea, to keep you refreshed and energized throughout your learning journey.

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