” Environment, that will forever live in your heart. “

LAE Madrid is the kind of language school that makes you want to get out of bed and head over cause you know that every day it’s a new adventure. I took three months of intensive spanish course, (and still wish could have continued longer) which is 4 hours per day but always felt like 20 minutes.
My professor was Gabriel Pistarini and I salute him for getting down to our level and taking the time to learn about the likes and dislikes of each student and preparing classes accordingly. One gets to also interact and learn from a variety of professors as you also get to mingle with other groups and perform activities together thus making you more competent. The teachers are super creative and make each moment fun. I will never in my life forget about the time we reenacted ‘Que hora es’. Still makes me LOL. And re-writing the Manu Chao song! Very fond memories.
Other than that, you also get to meet very cool people from different walks of life and everyday is a new interesting conversation. You learn about diverse cultures, do’s and don’ts of various countries, gastronomy and how different phrases have complete different meanings. When you leave, you leave with a new list of contacts you can count on cause you know they had your back when you couldn’t figure out whether something was ‘ser’ or ‘estar’, ‘el’ or ‘la’ and so on.
Spanish can be a difficult language but LAE provides a fun, friendly, it’s-ok-to-make-mistakes environment, that will forever live in your heart.


Madhu - India


” The best Spanish Academy I’ve been to!!! “

Learning a new language can be a daunting challenge for anyone. Yet, when learning Spanish at LAE Madrid, rest assured you will find a fun and engaging classroom environment. At the same time, the material was challenging and stimulated my desire to learn and study. It was clear to me that the professors make sure students are in a class that suits their abilities. With everyone feeling comfortable and at ease, it is much easier to get your Spanish confidence up, which lets you really practice speaking during the class sessions.


Ryan - U.S.A


” The best Spanish Academy I’ve been to! “

What a brilliant course! My teacher created dynamic and energetic classes that kept me smiling, even through the dreaded subjunctive. The wide range of activities and games played ensures that there is a never a dull moment, and learning seems to be so much more organic. I’ve definitely learnt a lot! Thanks to my teacher’s patience and encouragement, I feel so much more confident to use it all. I couldn’t ask more. Thanks again.


Lucinda - England


” The best Spanish Academy I’ve been to. “

I’ve been to Spanish schools all over the world and LAE Madrid has been the best.


Katherine O'Donnell


” Fun and intense! “

Everyone is so friendly and funny and focused on helping you learn, this is possibly the first time in my life I could use the words “fun” and “intense” to describe the same experience. 10/10, I would recommend LAE if you’re looking to do more than just learn a language, and want to experience the culture and make new friends as well.


Libby Edgar