VIP Virtual Spanish Course - LAE Madrid

Get your Spanish to the next level!

If you want to improve your Spanish at a faster rate, then our sprint VIP Virtual Spanish Course is ideal for you. With this course, we guarantee that you’ll increase your Spanish to the next level in just 4 to 8 weeks! But of course, there’s a catch – this is a boot camp for Spanish!  It is seriously hard work and we expect you to be up to the challenge – but if you are in, then so are we!

From A1 to A2 in 4 weeks – 40 individual classes online    €1120
From A2 to B1 in 4 weeks – 40 individual classes online    €1120
From B1 to B2 in 8 weeks – 80 individual classes online    €2160
From B2 to C1 in 8 weeks – 80 individual classes online    €2160

What does the course include?

  • Detailed needs analysis session with our Director of studies before the start of your course to  prepare a tailor-made syllabus for you to follow.
  • Daily classes with our teachers  with a personalized schedule
  • We’ll give you exercises to prepare between classes to maximise face-to-face time with your teacher
  • Access to On-Español, our online self-study platform, which includes materials and videos to cover your entire level

What do I have to do to reach my next level in Spanish?

  • Attend all of the individual Spanish lessons
  • Do all of your homework and additional material provided on On-Español.

Our online classes provide seamless communication between teacher and student, and you’ll be able to do your classes on any device. You just need a good internet connection!