Check out all the benefits of being a LAE Madrid student! If you would like to take advantage of these discounts, please provide us with a passport-sized photo and we will make a personalized ID card for you!

Food and drink


In this fantastic sushi restaurant you can enjoy a 5% discount on all orders to collect (excludes take-away orders and menu of the day).

Calle Ramón de la Cruz 107

Restaurante la Finca

In this wonderful restaurant you will enjoy the food as much as the atmosphere. If you feel like some good home-made food you will get a 10% discount on their entire menu, excluding alcoholic drinks and the menu of the day.

Calle Conde de Peñalver 60


If you are looking for something sweet to give you a bit of energy, Panaria is the best option. Recharge your batteries with their delicious muffins, empanadas or sandwiches. Panaria also has menus of the day, salads and pasta. You won’t be able to resist! 10% discount on all their products.

Calle Padilla 88

Beauty treatments

Depilación con Hilo

If you need a beauty session to disconnect, this place will treat you like a queen. They have all sorts of treatments: waxing, reflexology, facials and massages, and all of these with a 5% discount!

Calle Alcantara 38

Peluquería Unisex Gradiva

Whether you are a man or a woman, if you need your hair cut then Gradiva is your place. You will have a 5% discount on all their treatments. (Offers are not included).

Calle Ramón de la Cruz 107

Le Lumiére

Are you looking for a beauty center with natural therapies? Le Lumiére is a fantastic place with excellent service, and you will leave feeling very relaxed. 5% discount in all treatment (offers and products not included)

Calle Padilla 74, local 2



Are you looking for the best present? In this winery you will find both the best of Spanish wines and imported wines. In either of their shops you will receive a 5% discount on all of their products.

Calle Ortega y Gasset 90 y Calle Valverde 29

La Colonial de Ultramar

Are you a lover of teas and infusions? In La Colonial you will find the best variety of tea and all products that go along with it, as well as chocolates!
5% discount on all their products.

Calle Alcantara 48

Keystone Comics

Are you looking for an original gift? Something to remind you of childhood? Batman, Superman and Flash are waiting! In this comic shop you have a 10% discount on books and comics.

Calle Padilla 65

Arboleda “El hogar de las esencias”

If you want to make your house smell nice and give it a little chic touch, you will be able to find what you need in this shop. It has lovely candles and essences to make your house more homely. You will receive a 10% discount on their candles and essences.

Calle Alcantara 29

Farmacia Gasset 85

Any personal products you need, from toothbrushes to plasters, you can get in this pharmacy with a 10% discount. They also sell herbal and dietary products. (Medicines are not included in the discount)

Calle Ortega y Gasset 85

Óptica Gasset

Do you need to check your eyes? New glasses? This is the best place to buy them. With a 30% discount in sun glasses, glasses, contacts and hearing aid.

Calle Ortega y Gasset 96