Studying in Spain

Your Visa Guide with LAE Madrid

Studying in Spain

Your Visa Guide with LAE Madrid

Embarking on a journey to learn Spanish in Spain is an exciting adventure, and at LAE Madrid, we’re here to ensure that your path to mastering the language is as smooth and hassle-free as possible.

Understanding the visa process is crucial for international students planning to study in Spain. Here’s everything you need to know about obtaining a student visa, including how we at LAE Madrid support you every step of the way.

Non-EU/EEA/Swiss Citizens: If you’re from outside the European Union (EU), European Economic Area (EEA), or Switzerland, you will likely need a student visa to study in Spain for any period longer than 90 days. EU/EEA/Swiss Citizens: Citizens from these regions do not require a visa to study in Spain. However, they must register with the local Spanish authorities if their stay exceeds three months. Some students need visas to come to Spain for periods less than 3 months. We can also provide invitation letters for students in this situation, even if they wish to study for just a few weeks. Our courses are flexible and start any Monday of the year!

The time frame for visa processing can vary significantly depending on the Spanish consulate or embassy where you apply. Generally, it’s advisable to apply at least two-three months before your intended travel date. However, the process can take anywhere from 15 days to 2-3 months. We recommend starting the application process as early as possible to ensure you have your visa in time for your studies.

About LAE Madrid Spanish Language School

We employ a dynamic, student-focused teaching methodology that accelerates language acquisition and fosters confidence from the very first day.

Our 360 Support Promise

At LAE Madrid, we understand that moving to a new country can be daunting, especially when it involves navigating legal paperwork and visa applications. That’s why we offer 360 support to all our students. From the moment you decide to study with us, we’re here to guide you through every aspect of the process:

Stay in Spain for longer! Renew your visa with LAE Madrid’s immersion course

Our courses are valid to renew your NIE/TIE (foreigner identity number) and extend your stay in Spain. Even if you’re not a student with LAE Madrid, you can apply for a renewal from Spain and take our course!

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