3 Uses of the imperative in Spanish

Explore the use of the imperative in Spanish, as well as analyze its structure and conjugation.

Practising your Spanish during your holidays

With the arrival of good weather, discover how practising your Spanish during your holidays can improve your language skills.

How is Semana Santa celebrated in Spain?

In this blog, we uncover the cultural and religious richness of Semana Santa in Spain, one most important festivities.

Differences between singular and plural in Spanish

Discover in this blog the meaning differences between the singular and plural forms of some words in Spanish!

Expression “tener sentido” in Spanish

Discover how to use the expression "tener sentido" (makes sense) in Spanish in the appropriate context with practical and useful examples.

Introduction to the use of subjunctive in Spanish

Take your learning to the next level with this helpful introduction to the use of the subjunctive in Spanish.

Daily habits in Spanish

Learn how to express daily routine habits in Spanish with essential vocabulary and grammatical structures.

Use of direct and indirect object

Dive into our in-depth guide on effectively using direct and indirect object for all levels of Spanish, from A1 to B2.

Spanish love phrases and expressions to declare you

¡Descubre las mejores frases y expresiones para declarar tu amor en español a esa persona especial!
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