15 False Friends in Spanish to Know

Studying Spanish as an English speaker has some advantages when it comes to guessing a word or verb, as they both derive from Latin. There are a few examples of 15 false friends in Spanish to know that trip up even the most confident of Spanish speakers – so we’re here to make sure you […]

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The 10 Trendiest Bars in Madrid

Madrid has a buzzing nightlife and is jam packed with bars, clubs and cafes that will definitely give you some nights to remember! Here's a quick guide to some of the trendiest bars that we've found in the Spanish capital for you to discover during your time studying Spanish in Madrid. 1. Alboroto Experience Located [...]
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Best places to catch the sunset in Madrid

Madrid has fantastic weather and even better sunsets! We’ve put together a list of the best places to catch a glimpse of sunsets in Madrid and they’re all accessible from the city centre on foot or public transport. So, pack your picnic, grab your camera and let us know how you enjoy our top picks! […]

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Plans in Madrid for newbies, Our top 10 picks

You've just arrived in Madrid, and you've heard it's a city that's packed with things to do and see, but where to start? We know everything there is to know about Madrid, and we've prepared a COVID-friendly list of our top plans in Madrid. It is easy to see why so many people decide to [...]
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3 Benefits of learning Spanish at an older age

We have all heard many times that the best time to learn a language is as a child. Not only they are like sponges, but they develop other relevant skills in the process. But… does that mean that learning a language as an adult has no perks? Not at all! There are many benefits of [...]
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How to immerse yourself in Spanish when you can’t travel

The best way to improve your Spanish is to come to Spain and immerse yourself in the language and culture. So, what happens when something like a global pandemic hits and you’re only allowed in with a student visa? How do you experience that Spanish language immersion at home? Oh, btw, did you know that […]

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Why Can’t I Learn Spanish? Overcoming 10 Major Obstacles

Have you been learning Spanish for what seems like forever but you only get so far before thinking… I just don’t get it! What I’m doing wrong? Why can’t I learn Spanish? We’ve seen it all and helped students of all ages, from all backgrounds and with all levels succeed.   1. Desire to become […]

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Biggest Culture Shock when Moving to Madrid

¿Te apuntas?¡Regístrate en nuestros cursos de Español y forma parte de la familia LAE Madrid! In the excitement of moving to a new country and living abroad, it can be easy to forget about the big, or small, changes that we might encounter in a new cultural environment. Moving to Spain may seem like an [...]
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