Spanish DELE Exam Preparation Course

Dele Preparation Course

Our Spanish DELE Exam Preparation Course will prepare you to pass the DELE Exam (Diplomas in Spanish as a Foreign Language with the Instituto Cervantes). LAE Madrid has DELE teachers in Madrid with vast experience that have prepared tons of students for the exam and have given them the tools they need to pass the DELE successfully!

What is the DELE and why should I take it?

What are the levels of Spanish as foreign language?

DELE Exam dates

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What does the DELE Preparation Course include at LAE Madrid?

The DELE exam requires thorough preparation and LAE Madrid has teachers that know the exam inside and out. We can help you navigate all of the sections of the exam and how to best prepare for each of them. You will also revise past examination papers and learn tips and techniques for taking the exam.

DELE Exam preparation courses have a flexible timetable of One-2-One classes so you get focused and tailored sessions that prepare you thoroughly for your exam with no distractions.

The 20 hours per week are structured into four hours per day: 1 hour of Spanish theory, 1 hour of systematic procedures of the exam, and 2 hours of practice test exercises, with feedback and tips on how to improve.

The Spanish DELE Exam Preparation course has a total duration of two, three or four weeks, depending on how much support you need.

If you are not sure how much preparation you need to pass the DELE exam, you can book a no commitment consultation with our DELE expert and he will talk you through your options and give you as much advice as possible. Email us to book a consultation.

2 weeks 3 weeks 4 weeks
1.200€ 1.740€ 2.240€
+ 40€ enrolment fee*



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