Here you can find the dates for the DELE Exam in Spain for 2020 and when you need to register by:

DELE Exam Dates for 2020

  • 14 of February (registration ends January 8th). General Levels: A2.
  • 17 of April (registration ends February 19th). General Levels: A1, A2, B1B2 y C1.
  • 15 and 16 of May (registration ends March 18th). General Levels: A1, A2, B1B2, C1 y C2.
  • 10 of July (registration ends May 13th). General Levels: A2, B1B2 y C1.
  • 11 of September (registration ends July 15th). General Levels: A2.
  • 2 of October (registration ends August 5st). General Levels: A2, B1,  y B2.
  • 13 and 14 of November (registration ends October 7th).  General Levels: A1, A2, B1, B2, C1, y C2.

For more information follow this link.

Click on the image to download the 2020 DELE calendar

DELE Exam Dates 2020

If you are not sure how much preparation you need to pass the DELE exam, you can book a no-commitment consultation with our DELE expert and he will talk you through your options and give you as much advice as possible. At LAE Madrid we have numerous options to prepare for the DELE exam so you will always find the timetable that suits you! If you’re interested in DELE preparation for school students take a look at this course or  Email us to book a consultation.