Welcome to LAE Madrid, located in the elegant Salamanca district—where each Spanish lesson is a step towards mastery, tailored to your personal learning curve. Our school distinguishes itself by a boutique learning experience, delivered by exceptional, passionate teachers dedicated to your linguistic progress. Unlike mass-market language schools, we focus on individualised progress and engagement, ensuring each student’s journey is both unique and effective.

LAE Madrid is not just a place to learn; it’s where you transform your language skills in our elegant and our modern school.

Enroll in a Spanish course at LAE Madrid and embrace a learning experience that is as unique as it is effective.

Our courses offer:

  • Personalised instruction tailored to your specific level from A1 to C2, ensuring maximum progress.
  • Intimate class sizes for more focused attention and interaction.
  • A vibrant mix of cultural activities to deepen your understanding of Spanish traditions.
  • Expert instruction from qualified, native-speaking teachers.
  • Cutting-edge online platforms for seamless virtual learning.
  • Dynamic and creative approaches to teaching, making every class an adventure in learning.

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