At LAE Madrid we have numerous options to prepare for the DELE exam so you will always find the timetable that suits you!

Intensive DELE Preparation

This course is four hours a day and is the ideal way to prepare for your DELE exam quickly and efficiently.

There are two timetables for the Intensive schedule, from Monday to Friday:

  • Option 1: Mornings (9:00 a 13:00) in a 1h 45min class session + 30min break + 1h 45min class session format
  • Option 2: Afternoons (15:00 a 19:00) in a 1h 45min class session + 30min break + 1h 45min class session format
9:00-13:00DELE Preparation Option 1
15:00-19:00DELE Preparation Option 2


Semi-Intensive DELE preparation

If you are looking to pass the DELE exam but you are not available for the whole morning or afternoon, our semi-intensive schedule will work perfectly for you.

  • 10 hours of individual classes from Monday to Thursday (15:00 a 17:30) in a 1h 50min class session without a break


15:00-17:30Semi-Intensive DELE Class

DELE Preparation ‘a tu ritmo’

This schedule includes four hours of classes per week, so you can take your time and work around your busy schedule.

  • 4 hours a week of individuals classes on Fridays, with either morning (9.00 a 13.00) or afternoon (15.00 a 19.00) schedules in a 1h 45min class session + 30min break + 1h 45min class session format.


9:00-13:00 Morning DELE Class
15:00-19:00Afternoon DELE Class

Prices for the DELE Preparation courses

40 hours60 hours80 hours
+ 40€ inscription fee


How does DELE Duo work?

With LAE Madrid, you can prepare for the DELE exam with a ‘study buddy’. It can be anyone, from your partner to your housemate, you just need to sign up together at the same time and have the same level, and attend classes according to the timetable below. You can both prepare for your DELE for less and now neither pay an enrolment fee too!

This option includes three hours with your ‘study buddy’ and one hour of individual classes for each partner every day. During the individual hour with each student, you will practice the written and oral exams, to then be able to practice the reading and listening sections during the three hours of shared class. There are two options to choose from

  • Option 1: Mornings from 9:00 to 14:00.
  • Option 2: Afternoons from 14:00 to 19:00.
9:00-10:00One-to-One class: student 1
10:00-13:00Two-to-One class: Option 1
13:00-14:00One-to-One class: student 2
14:00-15:00One-to-One class: student 1
15:00-18:00Two-to-One class: Option 2
18:00-19:00One-to-One class: student 2

How much is the DELE Duo DELE Preparation? (two people: One-to-One and group classes)

40 hours60 hours80 hours
*price per person, based on two people

For more information about our DELE Preparation courses, send us an email to info@ or fill out our contact form.

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