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15 False Friends in Spanish to Know

Studying Spanish as an English speaker has some advantages when it comes to guessing a word or verb, as they both derive from Latin. There are […]

3 Benefits of learning Spanish at an older age

There are many benefits of learning Spanish at an older age and we’ve listed three of the main ones! See if you can add more!

How to immerse yourself in Spanish when you can’t travel

The best way to improve your Spanish is to come to Spain and immerse yourself in the language and culture. So, what happens when something like […]

Biggest Culture Shock when Moving to Madrid

Our student coordinator, found all wasn't smooth sailing when she relocated to Madrid. She'll tell us about her biggest culture shock when moving to Madrid.

10 expresiones de amistad en español

¡Te presentamos 10 expresiones de amistad en español! El idioma español cuenta con muchas expresiones, ¡practícalas!

10 common Spanish Idioms

Idioms exist in every language, but they are usually only understood by native speakers or people with a really good command of the language in question. […]

Useful phrases for job interviews in Spanish

Spanish is one of the 3 most spoken languages in the world. There are around 40 million Spanish native speakers and in the corporate world it […]

How to improve your vocabulary in Spanish

Learning a language is something quite challenging and the more we learn, the more we want to know. The problem is that no matter how hard […]

How to choose the best Spanish schools in Spain?

Have you made the decision to study Spanish in the home of the Spanish language?  The process of learning a second language is very enriching and […]
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