Spanish culture


10 Reasons why you should make learning Spanish your New Year’s resolution

2022 is almost over and it's time to think about writing our list of New Year's resolutions. Don't forget to include learning Spanish on your list!

Plans in Madrid for newbies, Our top 10 picks

Are you looking for plans in Madrid? Here is our list of our top recommendations of what you can do in Madrid if you are a newbie

Why Can’t I Learn Spanish? Overcoming 10 Major Obstacles

Have you been learning Spanish for what seems like forever but you only get so far before thinking… I just don’t get it! What I’m doing […]

Biggest Culture Shock when Moving to Madrid

Our student coordinator, found all wasn't smooth sailing when she relocated to Madrid. She'll tell us about her biggest culture shock when moving to Madrid.

La Capital de España a lo largo de la historia

Tienen mucho sentido que la capital de España esté en Madrid por su ubicación en el cetro del país, y por ser el origen de las […]

Cultural things to do in Madrid in 2019

A new year means new plans, and especially if you live in Madrid, where the cultural offer gets wider and more interesting by year! In this […]

Famous Spanish actors

Are you a big fan of Spanish movies and TV shows? So are we! For that reason, we have chosen five famous Spanish actors and actresses […]

Culinary tour around Spain – part 2

We’re continuing our food tour around Spain in the search of the most typical dishes there are. This time we’re bringing you 5 more comunidades autónomas […]

Culinary tour around Spain – part 1

Is there anything better than getting to know a city through its gastronomic offer? Even though museums are a must when traveling, as well as visiting […]
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