Spanish culture


10 Reasons why you should make learning Spanish your New Year’s resolution

2022 is almost over and it's time to think about writing our list of New Year's resolutions. Don't forget to include learning Spanish on your list!

Top 10 Spanish Singers of All Times

we have put together a list of the 10 most popular male and female singers in Spanish history. When you go out at night in Spain, you’re sure to hear at least one of these singers’ songs. Enjoy Spanish music!

Plans in Madrid for newbies, Our top 10 picks

Are you looking for plans in Madrid? Here is our list of our top recommendations of what you can do in Madrid if you are a newbie

Biggest Culture Shock when Moving to Madrid

Our student coordinator, found all wasn't smooth sailing when she relocated to Madrid. She'll tell us about her biggest culture shock when moving to Madrid.

What to visit in La Rioja

La Rioja, is not only famous for its amazing wine and gastronomy but also for its things to do in this area, check what to visit in La Rioja!

Netflix to learn Spanish

Netflix to learn Spanish is a great way to improve your Spanish skills! We recommend you the best series to watch on this blog

Fiestas populares de España: San Fermín

Las celebraciones de San Fermín, conocidas por todos como ‘Sanfermines’ son unas fiestas populares que se celebran cada año en la ciudad española de Pamplona, ​ […]

La Capital de España a lo largo de la historia

Tienen mucho sentido que la capital de España esté en Madrid por su ubicación en el cetro del país, y por ser el origen de las […]

Famous Spanish actors

Are you a big fan of Spanish movies and TV shows? So are we! For that reason, we have chosen five famous Spanish actors and actresses […]
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