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¡Descubre las mejores frases y expresiones para declarar tu amor en español a esa persona especial!
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Ready to celebrate love? Today we celebrate Valentine’s Day, and in this blog, we present the best love phrases and expressions to declare your love in Spanish. From date proposals to love declarations, here you will find various ways to express your feelings in Spanish.

Dare to propose a date!

The first step to declaring your love is to propose a date. The phrases we propose are simple and direct. From “¿te apetece tomar algo?” (“would you like to have a drink?”) to “¿me acompañarías al teatro?” (“would you like to come with me to the theatre?”), these phrases show interest without pressuring the other person. The key is to keep the situation casual so that both feel comfortable.

Ready to commit?

Once the relationship has progressed, you may want to propose something more serious. Proposed phrases like “¿quieres salir conmigo?” (“would you like to go out with me?”) or “¿quieres casarte conmigo?” (“will you marry me?”), are expressions that show commitment and demonstrate the intention to move the relationship forward.

Words of love in Spanish

Some common words in Spanish to refer to your loved one are “amor mío” (“my love”) and “cariño” (“darling”). As well as “te quiero” (“I love you”) and “te amo“, these expressions show different levels of affection and fondness in a relationship.

Some terms to describe the relationship range from the more formal terms, like “novio” (“boyfriend”) and “novia” (“girlfriend”), to more informal expressions like “mi rollo”  or “mi compañero“. These words provide a glimpse into the variety of terms that Spanish speakers use to describe their romantic relationships, especially in Spain.

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On the other hand, in this blog, we want you to discover how Valentine’s Day is celebrated in Spain with its history, ways of celebration, and the most romantic places to celebrate this special occasion.

The history of Valentine’s Day

The origin of Valentine’s Day dates back to ancient Rome, in the 3rd century AD. During that time, Emperor Claudius II prohibited marriage among young people in Rome, believing that singles made better soldiers. Despite this prohibition, a priest named Valentine continued to celebrate clandestine marriages in secret. When Claudius II discovered this situation, he decided to kill Valentine. The death of Valentine, on February 14th, in the year 270 AD, led to the declaration of Valentine’s Day as a day to remember his bravery and the love he defended.

Ways of celebrating Valentine’s Day in Spain

Valentine’s Day is celebrated as both the day of lovers and the day of friendship in Spain. People celebrate with romantic dinners, special dates, surprise trips, romantic walks, gift exchanges, and other displays of affection towards their loved ones. Additionally, in Spain, an alternative celebration known as “San Solterín” has emerged, where single people gather to celebrate with various activities.

If you want to surprise your partner on this special day, you can check here for various truly original ideas for gifts.

5 most romantic places to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Spain

1. The Mirador de San Nicolás in Granada. It offers wonderful views of the Alhambra and the snow-capped peaks of Sierra Nevada.

2. The Lakes of Covadonga in Asturias. Ideal for enjoying nature with your partner.

3. The Temple of Debod in Madrid. It offers spectacular sunsets and the opportunity to enjoy a romantic dinner in the city.

4. Formentera or Ibiza, the Balearic Islands. Perfect for enjoying romantic sunsets on the beach.

5. La Placeta de Santa Cruz in Seville. A small square in the historic center of the city, with a special charm to enjoy with your partner.

In conclusion, declaring your love in Spanish doesn’t have to be complicated. From proposing the first date to expressing commitment, this blog offers a wide range of phrases and expressions that you can use to establish and strengthen romantic relationships in Spanish. Additionally, we have provided ideas to find the best gift or plan the perfect date. So, get ready to express your love in Spanish and celebrate Valentine’s Day in a unique and special way!

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