One-2-One Spanish Classes - LAE Madrid

Individual Spanish classes are a great idea and can provide a quick boost to your Spanish, which is why we call them ‘Power Hours’. We highly recommend that our intensive Spanish course students take at least 2-4 individual Spanish classes per week – why? Because it gives you the boost to make more progress in your group classes. You can work with your Spanish teacher to overcome any obstacles, talk through your progress and what more you need to do to take that next leap with your Spanish.

The teacher can revise any areas that you feel you need a little extra guidance on and finally, it creates a unique bond between you and your teacher and it still leaves you plenty of time to explore this wonderful city.

You can also enrol in these individual Spanish classes independently without taking part in any intensive Spanish course. Choose the number of hours you want to attend as well as a schedule that suits you best and we will organize your course!

Students also use this time to meet specific challenges and goals they have, such as:

  • Academic Spanish – such as exam / university preparation
  • Interview preparation
  • Emergency Spanish survival skills (people who have arrived and need to know Spanish yesterday)
  • Social Spanish (making friends and communicating)

Our Power Hours (50 mins) are for those that are serious about their progress and want to maximize their study time.

The academic schedule is used for our individual classes, which means that one academic hour equals 50min of real time.

Power Hour Class (50 min) 38€/h
Pack of 10 classes 360€
Pack of 20 classes 680€