Small class sizes at LAE Madrid Spanish Academy

At LAE Madrid, we have an average of 6 students in our group Spanish classes. Why are small class sizes for our Spanish classes so important to us?

Here are just some benefits of small group sizes:

More talk time

Communication is one of the fundamental pillars of our teaching methodology. We feel that the more time our students have to talk and practice what they’ve learned, the better they assimilate it. Our small group sizes ensure that all our students have a voice and that they can apply everything they have learned.

It’s the community that counts

In small groups, students bond very quickly and this means that the students encourage and support each other. We often find that they become life-long friends with the people in their groups.

More confidence

The problem for many students of Spanish isn’t a lack of knowledge, but the lack of confidence to use it. Trusting your teacher and the other students in your class is key to gaining confidence to speak out and practice.

Learn Spanish faster

Students learning in small groups move through the material faster and makes quicker progress as they feel comfortable pushing themselves and taking chances.

More one-to-one time with the teacher

Instantaneous correction and more fluid interaction between teachers and students are so much easier with small group sizes. It is also great for helping teachers understand the needs of individual students and focusing classes on each of them.

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