LAE Madrid works with numerous partners to find you accommodation that suits your needs and budget.

We have three accommodation options that we can organize for you and all of them are at a maximum distance of 30 minutes from the school and the city center. All include Internet, desk and chair, wardrobe, and towels and bedding, (which will give you a little extra room in your suitcase!).

Here is a list of options and prices:

Host families:

Single bedroom: 210€ per week
Double bedroom: 182€ per week, per person (minimum two people)
Private bathroom: +42€ per week

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Shared flats:

Single bedroom: 154€ per week
Double bedroom: 119€ per week, per person (minimum for two people)

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Studio apartment:

For one or two people, price per studio
Stay not exceeding 3 months: 55€ per night
Stay more than 3 months: 45€ per night

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LAE Madrid’s Accommodation Partners

aluni is a company dedicated to the management and marketing of housing accommodation for students and young professionals throughout Spain. Their mission is to provide a high quality accommodation experience set in a comfortable environment that both caters to the needs of university students and fosters a friendly coexistence between students from different cultures. ALUNI has hosted nearly 20,000 students in more than 500 flats.

The staff consists entirely of alumni of study abroad programs, and because of this, they have a firsthand understanding of the needs and expectations of students seeking accommodation in Spain.