5 Best Language Exchanges in Madrid

You'll find lot of organized language exchanges in Madrid. These are, in my opinion, the 5 best ones. Let's start with language and cultural intercambio!

Mobile Phones in Spain

If you are planning to learn Spanish in Spain, you need to know a few things about the mobile phones in Spain. It is something you should […]

Learn Spanish, Date Natives-Speed Dating!

‘¿Cuál sería tu cita perfecta?  ¿Qué buscas en otra persona?’ Questions like these are important to learn before you sign up for a language exchange speed […]

Spain is different!

If you are planning to learn Spanish in Spain, you need to know a few things about our country When you arrive in Spain for your […]

La Spagna è differente

Quando arriverai in Spagna per le tue lezioni di spagnolo, vedrai che, come ricorda il noto detto, la Spagna è differente! Noterai che la gente è simpatica ed aperta a chiacchierare, quindi potrai praticare in qualsiasi momento lo spagnolo che avrai imparato in classe!

Lost in Translation

Spanish is said by many to be quite an easy language to pick up (for English speakers), due to it being phonetic and having a lot […]

Lerne Spanisch – Speed-Dating mit den Muttersprachlern

¿Cuál sería tu cita perfecta? ¿Qué buscas en otra persona? Fragen wie diese sind wichtig bevor du ein Speeddating machst. LAE Madrids kulturelle Aktivitäten sind nicht Standard! […]

Leer Spaans en date met Spanjaarden – Speed Dating!

Wie is jouw ideale date? Wat zoek je in iemand anders? Vragen als deze zijn belangrijk om te leren voordat je je aanmeldt voor een speed dating […]


你理想中的完美约会是怎样的? 你在另一半的身上寻求什么? 在一场速度约会之前你必须得拥有自己的选择标准。  LAE Madrid 的文化活动没有固定的标准! 我们希望创造学习西班牙语的轻松氛围,也因此我们设计了“学习 西班牙语 , 约会当地人- 速度约会”。 感谢我们的学导 Jaume, 学生在约会前学习了互相认识和日常对话的用语。课堂中覆盖了重要的话题, 需要避免的雷区, 个人性格, 兴趣爱好, 如同那些有趣的游戏。课堂的目的是为了给学生热身,为即将到来的速度约会作准备!在此期间,LAE Madrid 准备了tinto de verano, 制造了学习 西班牙语 和交流的完美氛围。 在学习后, 速度约会开启。 […]
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