Guide to looking for accommodation in Madrid

Guide to looking for accommodation in Madrid

If you are planning to learn Spanish in Spain, you need to know a few things about accommodation in Madrid

If you are coming to Madrid for your Spanish classes normally accommodation is at the top of your list to organize. At LAE Madrid there are some accommodation options (shared apartments, host family or student residence) that we recommend you to check first.

Common websites used to find accommodation are:, or

Looking for a flat or room that has what you want, requires that you research location, price, roommates, size, etc. You will need to plan a visit with the owner as well. When you go to see the flat, check the basics: appliances, space, light, cleanliness, closets … and talk to current roommates and neighbors. Ask about what type of contract, the deposit amount and bills that are included in the monthly rent.

As you can see there are many questions so here are some to ask:

  • What is the price per month?
  • How much is the deposit?
  • For how long is the contract?
  • Once I leave , when will I get back the deposit?
  • What bills are included in the rent?
  • Is the water / gas / electricity / internet / community included in the rent?
  • How close is the nearest metro station?
  • How many people live in this house? What ages? Where are they from?
  • How are the neighbors?
  • Is the area safe?
  • Where is the nearest supermarket?
  • If there is no furniture, do I have to buy the furniture or does the owner?
  • Can you offer me Padron/Padronmiento when i need apple for my NIE?

Prices for a room in a shared apartment in Madrid’s center usually costs between 300 € and 500 € per month. There are also agencies or companies that can help you search for flats, but usually charge a month’s worth in commission. At LAE Madrid, we can help you arrange your accommodation in Madrid, before starting your Spanish Adventure!