5 Best Language Exchanges in Madrid

5 Best Language Exchanges in Madrid

When you get to Madrid you’ll soon learn about intercambios de idiomas, or a ‘language exchanges’. An intercambio involves practicing your Spanish with Spaniards, and they speak your native language with you. More often than not, these events take place in bars, restaurants or parks. You’ll find lot of organized language exchanges in Madrid. These are, in my opinion, the 5 best ones. Let’s start with language and cultural interchange!


I will give you a couple of tips to learn and practice your Spanish while having a good time in this city, always full of life. As a Spanish student, I’m living here in the capital just a couple of months. That’s why I want to take the maximum advantage of this experience. Since I arrived, I have met a lot of friendly people from all over the world, but I also want to be integrated into Spanish life. To meet incredible bars in the hidden streets, to taste the best drinks and Spanish meals but mainly, to meet Spanish people.

Meet New People in Madrid intercambio


Make your afternoon a bit more fun with this exchange created by  MADlife Madrid, where you will meet the participants in a dynamic, organized and fun way through language interchanges, picnics, trips in Madrid and innovative activities almost every day of the week.

Carmencita Bar


At the “Carmencita” bar near Noviciado metro station, every Tuesday afternoon you can attend this exchange and practice languages. Further, you can enjoy a belinis at 1€ and their excellent dining menu that don’t give you to surprise you. If what makes you happy is the food and the good people, this is your ideal place to practice languages!

Multilinkual exchange


This intercambio meets on Thursdays and Sundays at the bar Beer Station. This one stands out as on Fridays they also organize a visit to the cinema where you can take advantage of an exclusive discount before enjoying an evening at The Maltese Cross Pub. They also have excursions on weekends to help you get to know Madrid and the surrounding cities better.

.J & J books and coffee exchange



Intercambio Nights are every Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday in this bar near Noviciado metro station. You can practice your Spanish and be surrounded by books while doing it. Their snacks come highly recommended and are the perfect conversation starter for a chat with new friends. If you’re staying in Madrid for a longer period of time, you should check out their book club as well!

Se Habla Español Language Exchange


Se habla Español are one the most recognized exchanges by offering a huge variety of activities. One of those happens every Tuesday from 21:00h at the ‘El Estudio‘ bar, located in the La Latina neighborhood   (Costanilla de San Pedro street, 9), and it’s about meeting new  and interesting people who wants to learn and improve their Spanish; there, each person gets a stickers with its language level to find a partner to talk with a similar level. In this welcoming bar you can also enjoy some beers (small ones) for just 2€, and Servando, the group in charge, will be waiting you with open arms!

I also recoomend you to check Meetup y Eventbrite to discover interesting activities and exchanges in the city of Madrid that interest you!

What to expect from a Language Exchanges in Madrid?

Testimonio sobre intercambios de idiomas

I will tell you one of my experiences:

An afternoon on Thrusday at the bar “Beer Station”, near Santo Domingo metro station. In the beginning, I was a little bit nervous because I was alone and I didn’t know anyone. Neverthless, when I went into the bar, the organized came directed to me and kindly greet me. We talk a little bit, and I explained to him what I was doing in Madrid and then he asked me what’s my mother tongue and when knowing I speak french, he introduces me to a Madrid’s local that wanted to improve her skills in french.

We spoke about everything, first in Spanish and later in french. Later on, I met a group of dutch people, very open and friendly. We ask a couple of beers and although we try to speak all the time in Spanish, we had to use a little bit of English… I know, I attend this to practice Spanish, but it is also important having a good time, isn’t?

Later, more people joined us and we decided to go to party in the center of Madrid.  I had a blast at the party! Because of this reason I advice you: Go to a exchange, don’t loose an unforgettable experience! If there is one you like the most in Madrid, leave us a comment for we can attend it too! *We still in touch and we met sometimes to drink a coffee and talk, I’m sure you’ll find new friends in the exchanges!

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