B1 Spanish level

B1 Spanish level - B1 Nivel de español

General Objectives for B1 Spanish level

Student at B1 Spanish level will obtain the following skills:

  • Listening Comprehension: To comprehend information on personal experiences and facts and events of everyday life as well as views expressed explicitly. Understand by using telephone and through the media, the essence of a statement or message, whose understanding does not require specific cultural knowledge.
  • Oral Production: To carry on a conversation with a simple grammatical structure and be able to think consciously making use of appropriate communication strategies.
  • Reading Comprehension: To understand the main ideas in literary texts and informative press texts, descriptive or narrative character and be able to deduct some lexical and grammatical aspects unknown to the context.
  • Written Production: Developing texts not too extensive, including coordination and subordination through the use of more frequent connections whose tone is set according to their content and their objectives.

Communicative Content

  • Talk about habits in the present
  • Relate to past experiences
  • Talk about the beginning and elongation/duration of an action
  • Present an action in time
  • Discuss future actions and situations
  • Express conditions
  • Develop a hypothesis about the future
  • Express prohibition
  • Express obligation
  • Express impersonality
  • Speak of habits
  • Relate in the present
  • Summarize the plot of a book or a movie/film
  • Tell stories
  • Understand jokes
  • Recommend and advise
  • Give instructions
  • Describe an ad
  • Express wishes, claims and needs
  • Propose solutions
  • Write a letter denouncing a problem
  • Speak on the telephone
  • Take and leave messages on the phone
  • Transmit/communicate a message clearly
  • Give orders, requests and advise
  • Resources to tell stories
  • Resources to show interest when listening to a story
  • Talk about causes and consequences
  • Express interest and feelings
  • Talk about the relations between people
  • Show disagreement in various records/occasions
  • Ease or moderate an expression of disagreement
  • Argue
  • Describe the characteristics and functioning of something
  • Comment on objects
  • Assess situations and events
  • Comment on actions and behaviors
  • Make hypotheses and conjectures
  • Relate to mysterious events
  • Express different degrees of security

Grammatical content

  • Ya + Past simple
  • Todavía no + Past simple
  • Verbal periphrasis
  • Soler + Infinite
  • Pretérito Perfecto
  • Pretérito Imperfecto,
  • Indefinido
  • Pluscuamperfecto de indicativo
  • Imperative forms
  • Se me da bien/mal
  • Deber (de) + infinitivo
  • Tener que + infinitivo
  • Direct Object Pronouns
  • Indirect Object Pronouns
  • Simple Past exceptions
  • Imperfecto vs Pretérito (Past Simple)
  • Temporal indicators
  • Conditional sentences
  • Futuro Imperfecto
  • Quantifiers
  • Presente de subjuntivo
  • Cuando, luego, después, entonces
  • Porque y como
  • Demasiado, muy, bastante, más bien, algo, (un) poco, nada
  • Qué + sustantivo
  • Cuánto/Cómo+ verbo
  • Ojalá (que)

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