10 sentences to help you survive your first day in Spain

10 sentences to help you survive your first day in Spain

If you are planning to learn Spanish in Spain, you will probably need to know a few sentences to survive on your first day in Spain.

When you touch down in a new country and you don’t know the language it can be pretty scary! Coming to Madrid and only knowing some basic words in Spanish doesn’t have to be so intimidating – here we give you a survival Spanish guide for your first weeks in Madrid.

Hola, no hablo español ¿hablas inglés/Italiano/Francés?
Hi, I don’t speak Spanish ¿Do you speak English/Italian/French?

Me llamo…
Mi name is…

¿Puedes ayudarme?
Can you help me?

¿Cómo voy a… Sol/Calle…/el centro/el Retiro/la universidad…?
How do I get to… Sol/… street/the city center/the Retiro/the university/…?

¿Dónde está…?
Where is…?

Quiero… comer/agua/café/un apartamento…
I want… to eat/a coffee/an apartment…

¿Cuánto cuesta esto?
How much does this cost?

¿Dónde puedo… sacar dinero/cambiar dinero/coger un taxi/pedir información/…?
Where can I… withdraw money/change money/take a taxi/ask for information/…?

Necesito… información/wifi/una habitación/un hotel/un hostal/…
I need… information/wifi/a room/a hotel/a hostel/…

¿Puedes repetirlo más despacio? o ¿puedes decirlo en inglés?
Can you repeat it slower? or Can you say it in English?

There you have some of the most important survival Spanish phrases you’ll need! If you’re looking to improve your Spanish, contact us. We have courses for all levels, from beginner to advanced, with flexible timetables.

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