How to be a good Spanish Student

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If you are planning to learn Spanish in Spain, you need to know a few tips on how to become a good Spanish student.

Studying only comes naturally to a few lucky ones but as children we all studied every day without even noticing it and we were excellent at it. We learnt to walk, talk, read, write etc with very little effort.

As adults we tend to find studying more difficult, we lack concentration, time, motivation etc.  Here are a few tips to make your time at La Aventura Española the most successful course of your life.

  • Be prepared. Get yourself a couple of pens, highlighters and a good notebook.  Order the notebook so that at the top of each page, it has what you are studying and the day. It will help you find useful information when you need it. When you are travelling around on the metro/bus, read through your notebook, it will help reinforce the information in your brain.
  • Stop feeling embarrassed. If you’re a Spanish student most probably you feel embarrassed when trying out your language skills.  Turn the tables, have you ever thought someone trying to speak English sounded stupid?  No – then why would they think you are stupid for trying?  Spanish people are very open people and love anyone who wants to learn Spanish.  You need to get out there and put into practice what you have learnt.  Make the most of every opportunity and you will see your level soar!
  • Do you constantly fidget and find it hard to sit still? If yes, then studying Spanish in a classroom can be frustrating.  You need to distract your brain by doodling, playing with play dough or a stress ball – anything in fact that keeps the language side of your brain focused. Explain to your Spanish teacher that active learning works better for you, lots of role plays, speaking activities etc.  Walk around the class sometimes to keep yourself moving.
  • Do your Spanish homework! We know, it’s boring which is why here at LAE Madrid we make sure your homework matches your life.  We use lots of podcasts and apps so you can download them on your smartphone and engage with them in your free time.  That extra bit will make all the difference to your Spanish level.
  • A positive attitude. Our thoughts are very powerful and we tend to be a little mean to ourselves – much more so than we would be to other people.  We all know the experiment on biting an imaginary lemon and what physical effect that has on our mouth.  If you are constantly putting yourself time, telling yourself it is tough and that you are not a natural language learner – your brain will believe you and make it so. Stay positive, listen to the genuine praise and encouragement of your Spanish teacher and give yourself a high five when you have finally managed to speak to the old lady downstairs etc.
  • Make sure you choose a school with small class sizes.  Here at LAE Madrid we have an average of 6 students per class.  This is extremely rare for any Spanish school and we do it because it is the most effective way to learn Spanish and means we have lots of very happy Spanish students.  We cannot stress enough what a difference small Spanish groups will make to your progress.

So, what are you waiting for? Become a Spanish student and book now your Spanish classes with LAE Madrid.

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