How to improve your vocabulary in Spanish

How to improve your vocabulary in Spanish

Learning a language is something quite challenging and the more we learn, the more we want to know. The problem is that no matter how hard we try, we always bump into new words and it seems like we will never master them all, which is true!

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Even though we will never stop learning new words, no matter our level, there are ways to enhance our knowledge, little by little, and mechanisms to help us remember what we’ve learnt.

So, what can you do in order to improve your vocabulary and challenge the dictionary?


The more you read, the more vocabulary you will acquire. You might not be able to understand every single word, but you will start understanding the context, and little by little increasing your vocabulary.

Learn 5 words per day

Sometimes we make the mistake of trying to learn too much! Even though we might be incredibly motivated, it is good to set realistic objectives to avoid frustration or just mixing everything up. Learning 5 words per day is more than enough! Use them in a context, make sure you understand them perfectly well and practice them often. Once you’ve grasped those, you’ll be ready for the next 5 without running the risk of forgetting them instantly.

Associate words to a context

A good mechanism to remember new vocabulary is by associating it to a specific topic. Instead of just learning random words, make sure you link them to something. For example: summer clothes or adjectives to describe a person. It’ll be easier for you to review the words and practice them if you can tell yourself a story that helps you remember.

Be creative

We all look for words in the dictionary, but sometimes those definitions aren’t the most creative ones or easy to remember. Once you understand a word, why not come up with your own definition? It’ll make it a lot easier to remember the meaning of a word!

Play with a friend

If you really want to practice what you’ve learnt, challenge a friend! You can send some words to each other by email (5, for example) and create a short story using the words.

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