Best places to watch football in Madrid

Best places to watch football in Madrid

When you have the so many football events coming up, you will absolutely need to find the perfect place to watch it in Madrid. Madrid is one of the biggest football capitals in the world and here we give you the perfect places to catch the games that matter this summer.

O’Neill’s Irish Pub

This Irish pub is just 10 minutes away from ‘Plaza de Cibeles y Neptuno‘, so it is the perfect place to be able to join the “Atlético de Madrid” or “Real Madrid” fans celebrating!

The pub has two floors and they open the whole space for big occasions, with plenty of screens dotted around so you won’t miss a second of the action.

Location: Calle del Príncipe, 12, 28012 Madrid

Metro: Sevilla

@O’Neill’s Irish Pub Madrid

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La Fontana de Oro

This pub is styled like an Irish pub but has a more Spanish feel to it. Again, it has two floors, with the screens on the one of them and it’s smack bang in the middle of the center – just off Sol!

There aren’t many places to sit down which means that you are constantly on your feet while watching the game. For those nerve-wrecking matches, it’s great!

Location:  Calle de la Victoria, 1, 28012 Madrid

Metro: Sol


La Fontana de Oro Bar Madrid

James Joyce Irish Pub

An Irish pub (are you seeing the theme yet?!), which is also close to “Neptuno” or “Plaza de Cibeles” so it’ll be the ideal place to watch Real watch the big football games!

This pub may be smaller than the previous ones but it’s a lot more intimate and has a real feel of a typical pub football.

This place always gets busy for big sporting events so make sure to get there early.

Location: Calle de Alcalá, 59, 28014 Madrid

Metro: Banco de España


Penalty Lounge Bar

Penalty Lounge Bar offers a new way of having fun, combining the best of a restaurant specialized in Tex-Mex food and also a great place to spend time with friends. At Penalty you will find people drinking beer in the afternoon, having lunch or dinner and partying at night.

It’s a great bar to go as a group with lots of friends!

Location: Calle de Fernández de los Rios, 95 28015 Madrid

Metro: Moncloa


Penalty Lounge Bar

Toñín bar, ‘El Torero´.

This bar is themed around Real Madrid football team. On the walls you can find numerous pictures of the greatest ever players of the club. There is also an enormous photo of “Santiago Bernabéu” on the wall!

The good news is that the prices are great so for only €2.50 you can buy half a liter of beer and for €1.10 you can get a tercio.

Location: Calle Hernandez Mas, 20, Madrid, 28053 Madrid, Spain

Metro: Asamblea de Madrid, Entrevías.

@El Rincón de Toñin el Torero

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